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Clean Your Homemade Mask

Facial coverings are one of the most effective means of reducing COVID19’s spread. Many have begun wearing affordable cloth masks that can be reused from day to day. But without proper cleaning, these masks could just be collecting pathogens.

We can do this! We need to do this!

Read below. I think you’ll kind this fascinating.

What are you going to contribute?

You have options on how you will handle this unique moment in your personal history. Will you rise above? While in quarantine during the 1667’s Great Plague of London, John Milton wrote Paradise Lost. The apostle Paul wrote part of the New Testament while under house arrest. During the bubonic plague in 1605, Shakespeare used…
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Chattanooga Makes 2020’s Top Real Estate Markets

A brand-new decade is less than a month away, and we’re already seeing a sea change in how—and more importantly, where—Americans want to live. It turns out, people are deciding it’s just not worth it to work themselves to death to afford homes in the nation’s biggest cities. That’s so 2017! Instead, they’re heading to places…
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