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Keller Mortgage was started by Keller Williams Realty to create a better way for buyers to purchase a home and for sellers to be able to offer better financing options to potential buyers of their home. 
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Ask anyone who has purchased a home recently and you will most likely hear a similar story, that there are not a lot of homes available and the competition to get a desired home under contract  is even more competitive.

This where Keller Mortgage comes in. Keller Mortgage offers no lenders fees to you when you work with a Keller Williams agent or you purchase a home listed by a Keller Williams agent. So why is this so important? It allows you to make an offer that is more competitive. Most buyers request the seller to pay all or a portion of their closing costs, by asking for closing costs you reduce the value of your offer to the seller. By using Keller Mortgage you eliminate the lender fees which allows you to make an offer without a request for seller paid closing costs

Not only does Keller Mortgage not charge any lender fees, but it also provides a $1000 credit* to pay any third-party closing fees (*Available on loans above $150,000)

Another value of the program is that Keller Mortgage orders the appraisal immediately when other lenders wait until after the inspection contingencies. This gives a seller piece of mind knowing that a major hurdle to the sale can get crossed off the list quickly. This feature gives the seller another reason to select your offer over other suitors.

When you hire a Keller Williams agent to list your home, any buyer who wishes to purchase your home becomes eligible to use Keller Mortgage.

This benefit allows any buyer who views your home and makes a written offer to finance your home with Keller Mortgage.

Since the buyer no longer needs you to pay their closing costs, it results in a higher net offer to you the seller. This can put thousands of extra dollars in your pocket.

You also benefit from the appraisal being ordered immediately and also knowing that the buyer is well qualified to purchase your home.

This feature also makes a buyer more likely to offer on your home as opposed to another home that is not offering this financing.

Lastly, Keller Mortgage will be available to you when you purchase your replacement home.

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1-888-766-2678 for immediate communication and support.

Keller Mortgage is changing the way buyers finance their new home purchase.

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The quickest process anywhere!

Keller Mortgage orders the appraisal immediately after you come under contract, when other lenders wait until after the inspection contingencies. This cuts days or weeks from your wait to ‘close’.

And if you change your mind, they’ll cancel and there’s no cost to you.

Since you are pre-approved, meaning your financial document have already go to an underwriter, that step has already been done, which also shortens your time to close.

Unbelievable, but TRUE!

You don’t have to pay mortage fees any longer.  Get a Keller Mortgage through Team Darmody  and save the fees. 

Keller Mortgage does not charge an origination fee, underwriter fee, processor fee, transaction fees, rate lock fee, etc!  And for loans greater than $150,000 they also give a $1,000 credit back at closing, which will cover the cost of your Appraisal and Inspection.

What a deal! Believe it!

Saves thousands, plus get a great rate!

As if ‘no fee’ isn’t enough, Keller Mortgage offers very competitive rates.

How can they do this and still offer low rates? Unlike most loan companies like Quicken Loans or Rocket Mortgage, who pay millions of dollars a year to advertising, Keller Mortgage doesn’t spend a dime. You will only hear about them through Keller Williams agents. That puts the thousands of dollars per transaction back in the pocket of you, the buyer!

C. Duke

Keller Mortgage Client

I saved more than $5,000 by going through Keller Motgage!  With these savings, I was able to purchase new appliances for my home, and put the rest towards the moving expenses.

K. Schillings

Keller Mortgage Client

I called our old lender and they could not come close to matching either the interest rate, or the savings at closing. We have found a lender for life in Keller Mortgage.

E. Henson

Keller Mortgage Client

Without KM waiving lender fees (and adding a lender credit of $1K on top of that!) I would not have been able to make the winning bid on the house I wanted.

G. Ribble

Keller Mortgage Client

It’s unbelievable how seamless this mortgage approval has gone, how quick and efficient the process has been, and HOW MUCH MONEY WE SAVED by using them!!

Save Thousands of Dollars on your next home loan.

The ZeroPlus loan can save you thousands.  It’s fast, easy, and you can begin the process right now!

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